MHS Corporate Finance A/S is an independent Danish corporate finance advisor established in 2010.

MHS Corporate Finance specialises in financial advisory services, primarily involving a Nordic entity or with a Nordic perspective.


The team has extensive experience from leading Danish and international investment banks and has completed 50+ transactions and has 25+ years of experience in total within the industry. The senior team is supported by a staff of analysts and administrative personnel. We believe that a hands-on approach by senior advisors is essential to become a successful financial advisory house.

MHS Corporate Finance is a truly independent advisory firm, which ensures that we operate without any conflicts of interest and that our clients’ needs and requirements are our only priority. We have a solid track record and always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.


MHS Corporate Finance was established in response to a growing need for independent financial advisory services. We believe that there is an opportunity for an advisor free of the potential conflicts of interest created within large, multi-product financial institutions and that excellence in our business demands a spirit of cooperation and hands-on participation most commonly found in smaller organisations.