MHS Corporate Finance assists in a wide range of strategic and financial matters that are typically of great importance to our clients and it is imperative to us that we grow our business by fostering long-term relationships with existing and new clients as a preferred independent advisor.

MHS Corporate Finance has the capacity and ability to handle all types of M&A transactions. We offer:

Sell-side advisory

A full or partial divestment of a company or assets is an extremely sensitive and crucial decision for a company’s owners and management. We advise our clients with the planning, timing, tailoring and structuring of an appropriate divestment process, for example either as an auction process or a bilateral exclusive process. Demands and conditions vary from case to case and pose new questions and challenges and we believe that excellence in the ability to assess each case on its own merits optimises the chances of a successful completion of a transaction to the benefit of our clients. During a sales process, it is important that the owners can rely on the impartial and honest advice of their financial advisors and that the process is run with utmost diligence and attention to detail. Given our independent set-up and experienced team, we are able to provide this every time, regardless of the transaction’s complexity and size.

Buy-side advisory

Buying companies is often an integrated part of a company’s growth strategy. We support our clients when acquiring a company or assets, including strategic and tactical advice and negotiation support in addition to valuation and other financial analysis. Successful acquisition processes involve not only analysing the target company, but also understanding the complexity of the process, the seller’s point of view and options and the merits of potential competing bidders. We have been involved in numerous transactions and have experience from both sides of the table, adding depth to our buy-side advisory services.


When two or more companies opt to merge, we advise our clients on among other things relative valuations, deal structures as well as tactical issues. Often our work in connection with mergers also includes a fairness opinion.

Valuations and fairness opinions
We have extensive experience with valuations of companies and assets, business areas and minority stakes. The valuation is based on various well-known and generally accepted valuation methods and done either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a transaction, where the valuation may include synergies. At times the valuation in connection with a possible transaction, whether it being a divestment, an acquisition or a merger, is supported by a fairness opinion where we provide an opinion as to the fairness of the terms of the proposed transaction.

Equity capital market advisory

We advise clients on high-level capital structure matters that involve raising equity capital or a change of ownership structure through a stock market listing. When raising equity capital is desired, we advise the client on the preferred manner to do so, whether it being a private placement or in the public market. As an independent corporate finance house with no brokerage arm, we have full commitment to our client since we do not have any relationship to equity investors nor provide potentially conflicting equity research. We assist the client by evaluating the timing of an equity issue, structure and tactical considerations and the preparation of a prospectus. We also advise our clients on manager and book runner selection based on a formal Request for Proposal process.

Other financial advisory services

It has become quite common that either an existing management team or a new management team acquires a company, a so-called management buy-out. In such a process, management often requires financial advice on various matters, similar to any other acquisition process. We advise clients on management buy-outs or buy-ins, including assisting in securing financing.

Of other financial advisory services, we also help our clients with Request for Proposals in various contexts, tactical defence advisory, privatisations and dual-track processes.